Wolfi, my son, was only 18 months when our neighbor's kid grew out of matchbox cars and brought over a pile of toy cars to add to our playroom. At the time, we didn't have any tracks to play with, and Wolfi quickly figured out, you can't do much with toy cars on the floor. So, I looked around the playroom for ideas to make the cars go, and thought of making my own tracks out of cardboard. I grabbed my cereal box, folded a little, cut a little and figured out how we could stick them to the wall to create some cool Trax!

We kept experimenting with the idea and developed Paper Trax! Being a Coast Guard family who moves around quite a bit, it was nice to have an exciting family project. My daughter Bailey, she's 5, and she has the Trax really figured out. Bailey builds the Trax and sets them up on the wall and is able to see her creations come to life. Wolfi, at 3 years, he loves the Trax as well, and his favorite part is seeing the collision when several Trax cross! Wolfi says, “They go boom!”

Thankfully, Paper Trax ended up being a wonderful toy for my kids and a year and half later my kids still play with the Trax just about everyday.

We can't wait to see your creations and what your family invents for Paper Trax!

Thank you for supporting Paper Trax!